Thrash Wave

by Hellnation



released January 1, 2002

1-6 HELLNATION / MERDA SPLIT EP released by 2+2=5 & Luna Records Brazil [2001]
7-12 HELLNATION / SINK SPLIT EP released by Sound Pollution [1997]
13-20 AT WAR WITH EMO 5" released by Slap A Ham Records [1997]
21 V/A "HOMELESS BENEFIT" EP released by Bad Card France [1998]
22-28 V/A "TOMORROW WILL BE WORSE" EPx4 released by Sound Pollution [1998]
29-36 THRASH OR DIE EP released by MCR CD, Japan [1998]

all songs recorded by and at: ANDY SLOB'S PLACE
cover by: FUMID

AL drums / vocals
KEN guitar
MARK bass 1-6
DOUG bass 7-36



all rights reserved


Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: Head In The Clouds
your head is in the clouds
expert on nothing but
run your mouth on everything
worldview from your tv
ethnocentric pile of shit
your gonna get hit
adopt your thoughts
from every stereotype your fed
your so content in
your self righteousness
what is to discuss
when your so right
what is to discuss
when your asking for a fight
Track Name: Bore
complain that nothing ever happens
but you wait for everything to come to you
accept whatever comes your way
just sit, piss and moan
everything is boring as shit
when all you do is sit
you have no energy
your a fucking bore
Track Name: Don't Want To Hear It
selfishness is what you call freedom
i can't understand where you come from
free to exploit all that money can buy
everything you touch turns to shit
head up your ass screaming
about freedom - i don't want to hear it
Track Name: Who Do You Fool?
who do you fool?
bullshit propaganda doesn't fool me
i know who dies in your company
you think your learning skills
gonna have a world vacation
Track Name: Anyway The Wind Blows
why have any thoughts of your own?
why risk being on the outside?
whatever way the wind blows
is where you go
Track Name: Green To Gray
give it all away for nothing
fuck it for everyone for nothing
the money can't get back
all the land shat upon
turning green to concrete gray
land developers growing rich
no going back, throwing it all away
Track Name: Politics
politics are different
but results are the same
don't give a fuck how you reach your ends
innocent victims for your gain
it's all blank faces
that suffer from your politics
you fuck with peoples lives
victims of your politics
Track Name: Violent Hothead
it doesn't take much to bring a reaction
you bring a chip on your shoulder
stick your chest out in pride
laugh as your victims run and hide
looking for a head to cave in
your the envy of your friends
fights always follow you around
violence is the only thing you understand
Track Name: Nightmare
one step forward
three steps back
closed eyes don't see
wounds of people's misery
your progress is a nightmare
Track Name: Cycle of Shit
grasping for the newest trend
finding solace in the latest label
discard and distance yourself from the old
in today's fad, proudly pigeonholed
johnny-come lately, bandwagon jumpers
still stuck in what you did last month
but you know which craze to cling
because you've got the inside scoop
on the next big thing

cycle of shit
elevate yourselves
cycle of shit
alienate the rest

your want for popularity
is only surpassed
by your fucking ego
if you miss the jump
no problem
no dilemma
just revert back
to something tried and true
stand tall and claim "old school"
Track Name: No Means No
violence against women
objectified into a target that's acceptable
man thinks might makes right
uses violence for dominance
no means no
you inject yourself into her life
your whole mindset means rape
it's not enough to listen to her
force is your attack
whatever made you think you had the right
Track Name: Think Before You Act
it's the volume of your mouth
that covers a lack of understanding
think before you act
compensate for the unknown
with insincere words
that are quickly forgotten
it's time to slow down
to find the motivation
and not fall back to
your knee jerk reactions
Track Name: Trapped
i'll never be overcome with optimism
as our daily lives are just mirrors
of the worst history that we should
have learned from ages ago
i'm getting sick of being a consumer
of a pre-determined outcome
in my reach a slight glimpse
of what could be
Track Name: Heirloom
old school pioneers, seen it all
new jack trendies squat the mall
i've put in my time, been down since '93
can't relate to the kids today
things ain't like they used to be
i've been punk since conception
come on child let me show you the way

punks not dead! keep the candles burning!
in it for life! and now i'll be on my way

i've studied hard
passed all the requirements
look forward to my position
after retirement
sell the records, throw the hair dye away
reminisce to the kids
about the glory day
Track Name: Stagnate
unity can only be achieved
through the tightening of our defenses
the restraints must be kept in place
the gates must be reinforced
weed out the variations
that threaten the pure breed
homogenous existence by
strict obedience to scene regulations
perfection by means of endless repetition
alienation and ridicule our tools
to eject the strays and vagabonds
to keep ourselves in line
Track Name: A Song About Crusties
you fucking crusties
are as dumb as the skinheads
you're a fratboy
crossed with a junkie
and i don't know who
you think you're fooling
acting like you're anything else
i'm so sick of you being loud and macho
i'll smile when your liver explodes
why do you even come around?
as th'inbreed once said
"at least the jocks you mock
walk the way they talk"
Track Name: Get Out
sick of the same old routine
need to get away to clear my head
stuck in the middle of nowhere
need to kill everyday drudgery
get out
Track Name: Too Punk, Too Drunk
we can bench press our weight in brews
covered head to toe with bad tattoos
stumble on stage
throw bottles at the crowd
can't play shit
but tough and loud
to you punk is gauged
by how much you fought and drank
judge a book by its cover
if the pages are blank
Track Name: Road Rage
cement web that covers the land
suffocating mess
unending waste
requires an auto to get anyplace
auto industry way they built
your life of driving and buying
renders mass transit as no solution
to their monopoly on our consumption
Track Name: Economic Survival
fuck your economic survival
it's at everyone else's expense
selfish fuck
give it up
Track Name: Not Free From You
you talk about this
so-called free society
the drones feel glad
but you still fuck with
everyone that doesn't kiss ass
to your american dream
power grabbing control freaks
Track Name: Your A Joke
racist and homophobic shit
you say is a joke
but only to you
you sure are careful who
you tell this shit to
the quickest path is
a punch in your fucking mouth
it's so easy for you to find
racism and homophobia funny
because you change what you say
depending on who your around
you never thought about how
what you say means to others
because you have
your little inbred clique
that doesn't give a fuck
Track Name: Reflection
your shit attitude is such a joke
nothing but talk you are everything
that you say your against
just a reflection of society
that you say you hate
Track Name: Ivan Hohlof Knew
you are hopeless you are scum
you are happy because your dumb
your chasing a carrot on a stick
open wide and you eat shit
what ivan kohlof knew
Track Name: Content
progress poisons the earth
nothing ever brings a reaction
nothing happens except disaster
you'll stay content
Track Name: Punk Or Cop
if you really hate cops be sure and kill yourself
get out of my face
with telling me how i should be
you got a rule book a thousand pages thick
full of shit you've heard
but never thought it through
are you a punk? are you a cop?
out of my fucking face!