The Citizen Abortion

by Toys That Kill



released January 1, 2002

produced by toys that kill & mike vasquez
recorded at sweatbox in austin, tx march 2001

back ups: cole, the vasquez daughters, ferrara
organ: vasquez, cole
acoordion: ferrara
jaymar piano: congelliere
trumpet: vasquez
layout/art: todd congelliere
except art on pages 5, 10 & 14: sean cole
all songs by todd congelliere-chachi's vouched for music ascap '01
except "unity mitford", "mating season", & "catholic damage" by sean cole
"available 476-2061" by david "cracky" o'nassis, barrett, hendrie, vasquez, cole, ferrara, congelliere



all rights reserved


Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: Ass Mirror (& Puckered Lips)
pucker up & kiss the left now nail down the right
take 2 steps back-repeat til you wither and die
get down on your knees, beg and plead
look in the mirror-the ass is me
Track Name: Amphetamine St
tell them what you take, it's your big, big break. but ask them how to put you asleep
on and on heartbeat skips beat's on amphetamine st
when will they see im a big boy and when can i have my laundry
cos everyone whos anyone is at amphetamine st
where the scream mutes the sound
a blind man came up to me and told me i could make him see
i just asked him to show me the way to amphetamine st
can i skip to the pace thats for me or should i always say grace… fully
well i'll give you a hint tonight on amphetamine st
Track Name: Bullet From The Sky
new years eve, 4th of july
pedro's raining bullets, get the F.B.I.
like the headless horseman bored of his ride
your goin' thru my head like a bullet from the sky
what goes up must hafta get us high
did you really think it would disenegrate & die?
Track Name: Unity Mitford
Sounded like fun 'til he handed you a gunImage on a wall they're not dead at all
Cities on fire, have another sip of wine It settles you're nerves
So easy to hate, when you never make mistakes pretending it's ok
My friend, my ally Set your target on my day, blow my hope away
There's a sniper on my roof, got her sights set on me explodes my head apart,
her aim is really sharp She can't handle reality, sheds a couple tears for every manshe kills
Converted, perverted My friend, my axis, it sounded like an alibi
My mentor, my hero, bombs destroy my neighborhood
You love a man in uniform, it's just another social club
your coffin is on layaway, you were dead from the first day His orders seemed
straight from the heart It feels so good to be in charge Branded by the swastika,
lying lifeless in your car
Didn't die but you were scarred
Track Name: Playdough (A (Mis)Guided Tour Through Historic Silicon Valley - Circa 2024)
see my mom and dad come pile off the train.
see the dentist sleep at shelters for insane.
see the kids busy cutting silicon chips yea
cos to sell they don't need theyre finger tips
whats to learn? just push down and turn cos your playdough oh no!
prosperity's just about as thick as lard but if you stay… your gonna melt away.
see all who majored in "a number in a line" 101
they'd go back to school to catch up on some fun
to the left, sally has all the latest toys
but she doesn't know how to play with the void.
Track Name: String
when the ship sinks, dont think, just sink with it
so now your fucking free
you call the shots under nine jealous "yes men"
i call that misery.
blame the boss, now straight to bed. blame the strings, you sick puppet
but sometimes a string is just a fucking string
now edie slackjaw taught his school with a half shell in his head.
he kept his kids happy and warm til the day they shot him dead.
Track Name: Keep Caroline
she's got a way, its got a way to make everything seem o.k.
but the next day is when the o.k. gives me a cold shoulder
keep caroline in the house tonight
keep caroline in the house... go
shes got a taste, shes got a taste like one hundred toungless
thin groupies. so right away i keep on crawling back for more until i scream
Track Name: 50 Geniuses
they filled your brain into a sad memory
just act your age and get those fucking slobs payed. they signed you away.
they only wanna take you just so they can make you high
theyre only gonna raise you only if you get them high
they design your hair and your future
last one to prey gets moms rotten egg… on your face
they only wanna take you just so they can make you high
they only wanna raise you only if you get them high
they robbed your brain in the back of an alley
so just do your chores cos the pimps are now whores, just fucking whores.
Track Name: A Little Bit Stranger
out here its just a little bit stranger but whats a trip without a little danger
at six am it gets alot colder, thats why you got a head and i got a shoulder
ive been sinking to every word you said when before i’d take advice just from the dead, as a getaway?
i’m blind in here but i can still see you
loneliness celebrated by 2
Track Name: Mating Season
It's raining it's pouring, this night's so fucking boring.
What went wrong in '71, should've packed her bags instead she had a son.
there's choices and voices, but who's gonna listen when you're skipping lessons.
chances, romances, could've been more careful calculating answers.
Winning through intimidation, mating season's masturbation
go ahead give it a name, safe to fail procreation
Trashcan full of wasted tissue, cash in on another lawsuit.
Born so simple she has thoughts too, much to young to try and fight you.
Somatic, traumatic, it'll never be that tragic. Witchcraft
doesn't work on me. Don't mean I won't panic.
Shortchanged a mainstay, sun came out slept in that day.
Foil on the windows, blocked the hope you waited for.
Track Name: 2 Billion Bastards
at 8, 9 or 10 its about time to kill hare. got gut it, gotta kill it, gotta
tell em "play fair". sniff remains then pass the scent he to me
2 billion bastards on theyre knees now. my shitlist is endless again
you bastards turn to flies now, the shitheap needs friends now & then
12 noon's the deadline for the cute lil story. gotta gut it, kill it, spice the meat and give the writer glory. now lift the head up for the whole world to see.
now mickey mouse will always hate my song cant you see.
i'll shout em from a bullhorn
and still hafta pay a fee. just gimmie one chance, its my only dumb dream
to help 2 billions bastard turn to fleas… please.
Track Name: Hare Ruya
vent blows on me, i'll be no victim of economy
bar hop and be free but dont forget to see me
who pays for the rounds? do i really pay for the round?
dont let em get you hare ruya dont let em give you in
right now your free so dont forget to see me.
Track Name: Bang Bang (Operator)
bang bang operator, something has come over me.
ring rang little drummer boy, beat the creep right outta me
it breathes my breathing. it leaves me teething, baby
i can feel it coming but its nothing I can see
but its creeping up on me.
Track Name: Catholic Damage
If you only had a day to live
Would you leave the house where you hid?
The sky caves in like you knew it would
A crowd forms around you, it they only understood
That baby smiled at me, it had these evil eyes
It shares a brain with Anton LaVey
You wear a cross around your neck
Can’t save you, you’re a nervous wreck
Demons follow on your way to church
They got there claws on your mind
So your prayers don’t work
That old man sowled at me, he had these evil eyes
I think he’s gonna kill himself tonight
they had these evil eyes
Track Name: Season Finale
the herd's been thinned
finnigan came to an end
negotiation's went numb on the spot
helicopters dropped potion for the citizen abortion
the last box of words has been shipped
the poets thumbs have been clipped
a jingle spews out what went wrong all along,
the international anthem - a bitter swan song
pack up your bags ma or the shit hits the head