Split CD

by Läjä Rex



released January 1, 2003


All the songs by EVILS IDOLS
except "Burn" (Motosierra), "Something wild / tonight" (The Infections) and "Ain't nothing to do" (The dead boys)

e-mail: evilidols@hotmail.com
web site: www.evilidols.cjb.net

Sad e Tocha - Guitars and vocals
Dino - Bass
Lucas - Drums



All the songs by MOTOSIERRA except "Bite it You Scum" (GG Allin), "Nervous Breakdown" (Black Flag) and "Drunk Fool" (Evil Idols)

Recorded at "La Mansión Horrible" and mixed at "Chatterbox Studios" by Marcelo Di Gregorio.

e-mail: mtsrr@adinet,com.uy
web site: motosierra.0catch.com

Motosierra are:
Marcos (Vocals), Luis (Guitar), Gabriel (Bass) y Walo (Drums).


All the artwork and illustrations by Walfrido: walfridoneto@hotmail.com



all rights reserved


Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: Evil Idols - One More Time
you said that I would fail
I'd be a none, would finish in jail
that I would never belong
that I should die for my own

hey yeah
I say you're right (I said you're right)
but I would do it all one more time (and everytime)

but now you see me here
playing loud, ruling the scene
you're scared when you sing my song
yeah I could die, but I won't
Track Name: Evil Idols - Make It Up
I could shout now to hell but
I think you know how I feel
babe since I met you the very first time
I knew that you'd be mine
yeah yeah yeah, I would dive into hell
just to stay by your side
but no no no
there's no need, I'm in heaven
that's how I feel all the time

yeah I'll try, yeah honey, I'll try
yeah I'll try, to make you feel always mine

why you look at me like that?
don't ya believe what i say?
girl, there's no way of lying
I tell ya, there ain't got a way
tell me now, would you be mine for ever?
what's that smile in your face?
when you ask, will you be mine forever?
I get you a beer and you know what that means!

make our home, make our lifes, get real drunk, have some fights
(we'll make it up together, we'll make it up together)
make wild love, rest some nights, no complains, no denials
(we'll make it up together, we'll make it up together)
Track Name: Evil Idols - Burn
Track Name: Evil Idols - Trouble Guy
I'm looking
for the hardest parties, for the wildest girls
I'm bringing. Get ready
my twelve years friend and my dope fiend blues

don't you know I'm your trouble guy?
Always breaking stuff getting too high
don't you know I'm your trouble guy?
The devil tells me to do it. I don't ask him why!

Irresponsible. Irreparable, irreducible
give up. There's nothing left for us to do
I'm burning so fast!
Miss death is about to ask if we can go
Track Name: Evil Idols - Something Wild / Tonight
[The Infections]
Track Name: Evil Idols - Road, Drugs & Wine
baby, we got the car
and we got the fuel
we're young and in love
no one imagine the way we feel

baby, let's hit the road
yeah yeah yeah

I'll get the drugs
you bring the wine
let's spend our lives together
we'll be alright

because baby we're born to burn
Track Name: Evil Idols - Ain't Nothing To Do...
[The Dead Boys]
Track Name: Motosierra - Space Cowboy
You better stay away, I got my engines on
I'm leaving earth behind my rocket's lifting off

I'm a Spacecowboy (rider of the galaxy!)

I'm going right to Mars to fuck the martian girls
I'm going right to Venus to fuck the Venus girls
I fuck on everywhere, I fuck the Universe!

I'm a Spacecowboy (rider of the galaxy!)
I'm a Spacecowboy (outlaw of the stratosphere!)

I'm driving at full speed I'm faster than the light
I got my laser gun and I'm ready for the fight

Well, I'm so bad, I'm so bad
Bad to the bone!
Track Name: Motosierra - Drunk Fool
[Evil Idols]
Track Name: Motosierra - IDIOTA
En esta vida soy alguien normal
No muy distinto a todos los demás
Compro en cuotas cuando empieza el mes
Y uso condón para garchar con mi mujer!

Y en esta fiesta no voy a tomar
Si cada cosa está en su lugar
Como te fue con el negocio aqu´l
Me dice un tipo que no se muy bien qui n es!

Volv a ser un vejiga
Volv a portarte bien
Y no dej s para hoy
Lo que tengas que hacer
Ya que sos tan idiota
Pudiste comprobar
Que hay quer ser idiota
O hay que hacerse...

Volv a ser un buen tipo
Volv a portarte bien
Los huevos en el freezer
Nunca van a doler!
Track Name: Motosierra - Nervous Breakdown
[Black Flag]
Track Name: Motosierra - Suck My Dick
People treat me like an insect
They say I got no self-steam
But I don't mind if I'm outside
Never wanted your social life
Never wanted to be your friend
So that's the way I am

Hey Boys!
You can kiss my ass
Hey girls!
You can suck my dick

Police wants to beat me up
Parents always blame on me
You don't want me at your door
Hangin' round the neighborhood
Looking at your daughter legs
I mean, FUCK YOU!!

Rock 'n' roll it's REVENGE!!
Track Name: Motosierra - No More
Well, I work all day
'till I lose my head
I lose my head and I come home
illing roaches on the floor
My girlfriend's gone
And she steals my car
And she left me hungry like a dog
And I don't wanna feel like shit
no more!

I don't need revolution
Gotta find a solution
Gotta a Final Solution for myself
I'm going out and drink to death!
Would you send me a letter?
Would you send me a letter?
Would you send me a letter?
Now I'm dead
I'm so glad to see your face
No more!
Track Name: Motosierra - Bite It You Scum
[G.G. Allin]