Long Hair Cold Drinks

by Lo-Fi



released March 15, 2014

Guitar and vocals: Thiago
Bass and vocals: Rogério
Drums: Marcelo

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Fernando Sanches at El Rocha Estudio.

Artwork: Lobo Ramirez
Pictures: Nicolas Delavy

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Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: Cowboy Band
Man, how I wish I was in a cowboy band
Wear boots like Dickey Betts
Have friends to share beer and wine
And drink as many as I could get

Talk about the blues in the morning
Perform it all at night
Seems to me a good life to live
A scene so out of sight

Cowboy band

This time has gone and I failed
I´ll try to let all my pain go away
And start all over again
Like the dawn of a brand new day

I wish I could ride a crazy horse
I wish I could sing songs to the one I love
Spend my life on the road
Under the red skies above
Track Name: She's A Stripper
You went away to chase your dream
I have no loving since you´ve been gone
I have to get used to the idea
That you´ll never come back home

She´s a stripper but not my own
Strip for me baby, came back home
If I have to say I love you so
´Cause for the second time, I won´t let you go
Track Name: The Separation of Music and Sports
Everybody looks the same with all their shoes
They got punk records just like in the past
Everyone draws and paints and hates jobs
And they live an illusion of how to live fast

The way you perform shows the way you think
The way you think shows how stupid you are
Learn how to tie you shoes when you´re kid
It could be a way to put your mind out of the dark

When did they put together music and sports in the wrong way?

Forget the fashion and the inherent passion
Let the sun and the tide head us when it´s right
You love like you live, you live like you love
Maybe you have to sleep all day and to think at night

Let´s celebrate the individuality
Enjoy loneliness as ancient knights
The world is full of crap and sickness
Let´s take a step aside
Track Name: Naughty
You think you´re cool
Like elvis or captain hook
But you´re not
You´re dead
Now, that you are an asshole
With no living body
I´m going to house your wife
Make her things dirty and naughty

Honey bring me from the market
Some snacks and a little chocolate chip
The guest are gone, we can eat calm
This tv show are making me sick

Internet porn is brilliant
I can hang out with friends
Can masturbation relax muscles?
I´m a gardener I hate men
Loving pineapple for sure
Will conquer the world
They know how to cook
My girl don´t
Track Name: No Right
I have no right to be in a band because I´m too young
In any time and circumstance
Mediocrity is my best pal
The time has gone for me and I am cursed

The sixties was better, everyone was into it
Blaming the politics and the old traditions
The eighties was the time to start your own things

Good connections and copying what was not known was the key
Underground ways and vanguard are around since mankind lives

I have the today in my hands I won´t throw it away
Enjoy the present, evolution is never late
I have no right to be in a band because I´m too young
In any time and circumstance
Track Name: To The One I've Shouldn't Love So Much
You lose me, you earn me
This two ways road has got to an end
I´m too tired for this
And ain´t it worth to cross this path again

We both are sick
And we won´t find healing
If we exist for which other
We´ll always ended up hurting our feelings

You got a better source of company
Even if it´s hard to see
Someday you´re gonna find yourself
With no memory of me

This new place I´ll go is good and calm
No one can cause me no trouble
And I´m feeling I´m found

I guess this is good bye
I want to get to know happiness
You´re so beautiful
Outside and inside

I hope you´ll be alright when you read this
Track Name: Who Needs A Teacher?
Gathered all the teachers
Hey, who needs a teacher?
I´m the teacher with a master degree in parting
Drinking and fucking up

Do you need some more?
But what for?
Maybe humping
In this case I won´t help

Want some?

Jane help me here,
I just felt out of the stairs
I don´t have a BMX
I don´t flair