Don't mess with​.​.​. the Evil Idols

by Evil Idols



released January 1, 2004

Sad Zero - guit y vox
Dino Velvet - baixo
Lucas - bateria
Tocha - guit y vox

Todas as músicas por Evil Idols, exceto Bad girl por Johansen / Thunders e Like No Other Man por Gerald Roslie

Projeto gráfico por Sad
Ilustração central por Walfrido Neto.
Foto da capa por Lucas

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Tiago Autran (1, 2, 4, 7 e 9); Mauricio Rocha (7); Fabiano Wurr (7 e 8); Gucci (2); Mari Freitas (3 e 4)

Produzido por Evil Idols
Gravado ao vivo e mixado em outubro de 2002 no estudio 1102, CWB

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Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: I Ain't Gonna Buy Your Innocence
You said we should be just friends
You said you're tired of romance
I ain't gonna buy your innocence
But you keep staring at me all night
Oh! This shit is getting me out of my mind

Cuz I know, and you know
Something turn us on
Yeah I know, and you know
That we gotta go

You knew I'm a highway man
For you that's the best part of the plan
So you play, you can run and hide
You'll always end by my side
Track Name: Empty Glass, Hey Waitress
Empty Glass, hey waitress!
You know I'm thirsty can't you notice that
I need more fuel, gimme some more
Die tonight, tomorrow I'll be none
Die alright, no stunts, no kidding, just fun
Empty Glass, hey waitress
I'm begging please, fill it fast
I need more fuel, gimme some more

She comes, she goes, and
I need a bottle under my toes
She goes and comes back
Blow me away drop dead gorgeous waitress!
Track Name: Cold Cold Deck
You know I'm gambling with this girl called life
I try to cheat her, but she's very wise
My Aces ain't nothing unless I get all four
We'll play just one hand
So I'm better be sure

But it's hard to be lucky in this sick world
It's a cold, cold deck, you've got no control

It's no big deal to her let you down
I've been there more times than I would like to count
If I had no hope I wouldn't care at all
But it's a perfect trap, here's my downfall

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Cold, Cold Deck
Track Name: Sweet Devil
Driving all night, looking for life
She feels like no one can stop her
Wants to find some romance
Cheap love, any stance
You won't get her laid for free, man
She walks into the bar, don't you look in her eyes
She's a killer she will ruin your life
It's like if she stopped the time
Don't you dare to despise
Just wait and see what you've got

She'll be a curse in your life, oh man, you wouldn't know
She's just looking for fun, she can be your worst foe
Call me, my sweet devil, and I'll go!

She's life and death, heaven and hell
Where devil and god unite
She's the perfect hot woman
But for average motherfuckers like you
Kid, it's "good night"
Track Name: Fall Down And Get Up
Wouldn't it be great if I could trash someone?
About the things I've done
Why the fuck did you let me do that?

If I could kick somebody's butt cuz I broke my nose
While I was falling drunk
Hey asshole! Why didn't you stop me?!

Fall down and get up

Wouldn't it be great if any stupid thing I did?
Was someone else's fault?
But it's not, and I don't care

Falling down and getting up has been my life
Since I can remember, and it's still cool
Cuz I can trash myself any time I...
Track Name: Bad Girl
[New York Dolls]
Track Name: Get Me High I'd Die For You
She said I'm one tricky monster
Yeah I can be even more
You can label me if you choose to
Yeah I can be your liquid whore
But babe, I'm actually your master
I can control what you feel
I can make this a disaster
Or put you up on your high-hills

But I don't mind,
Get me high I'd die for you
That's how I like
Track Name: C/E Ballad
Come on sweet lover let's go for a walk
Behind a cup of coffee, let's do some small talk
You're the prettiest girl in town
I just love to have you around
Together we own the world
So just be my girl

Sometimes everything seems to break us apart
Let's just see it as a whole new start
Life is so easy with you
Know what to say, know what to do
Together we own the world
So just be my girl

Let's share our plans to the future, let's share our beds
I wanna another kiss of that, please do it again
Time is unbearable when we're not hand in hand
Cuz you're my woman and I'm born to be your man
Track Name: I Won't Fall In Love Again
You feel so strange when you're near me
That's what you always say
But just can't get what you mean
You feel so fine when I'm away
I fuck up you always
But now I'm the one who got pissed

Now I just can't look at your face
I don't want to see you again
I can't stand seeing you again!

I won't fall, babe I won't fall
I won't fall in love again

But now you regret and want me back
But I say: You lost your chance
You won't have me again!
Track Name: Lady Hurricane
I used to be a steady guy
Then the storm came
My baby walked over me liked a hurricane
Gotta get myself together fast or very soon I'll go insane

Now I'm ok, or maybe just lying
I'll never be the same
My baby walked over me liked a hurricane
Gotta get myself together fast or very soon I'll go insane

C'mon lady, blow hard
There's nothing left to fall apart
Track Name: The Fucking Dot That Ends A Story
How hatefull it's falling into a trap
But it never was a lie to me
It is what you gave me, babe
I was betrayed by expectations.

Okay. More and more I defend myself
And this surface isn't me anymore

If you had seen behind my eyes
The truth has always been the truth
And I never accepted that you never
A man should been ready for this

Everything will be the same
And then, I'll fall again

I will die certain...
that you were the only one who lost
Track Name: Like No Other Man
[The Sonics]