Dinamite No Seu Cú

by Hellnation



released January 1, 2004

Recorded at Mars Studio May 2002 by Bill Korecky
Mastered at Group Effort by Bill Gwynn

Al - drums / vocals
Ken - guitar
Mark - bass



all rights reserved


Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: Dynamite Up Your Ass
the succession continues
of violent jerkoffs that
are guaranteed to be the
leaders of tomorrow
frat house mtv spring break past
i wanna stick dynamite up your ass
on the sports team
at the yuppie bars
the world in handed to you
your a piece of shit
Track Name: Game of Death
nothing but text in a book to you
lives stolen in a game of death
a stance from thousands of miles away
what if you were in their shoes?
think it's part of your politics
while your safe so far away
innocents killed for the goals of government policy
innocents killed for the goals of terrorists
one doesn't justify the other
see what happens when your next!
Track Name: Um Bando de Filhos da Puta
acoustic moon patrol all night long
too messed up to stop the song
20 minutes take all day
cachasa makes the pain go away
don't talk boring shit here
well laugh about you while we drink our beer
nothing for me to eat at Habib's
while motherfuckers still eating cat's barbecue
an ocean of booze in my gut
thought I couldn't go any longer
repetition making me stronger
start all over again tomorrow
pasta and potatoes everyday
highway to hell buss ride
motherfucking crazies don't stop
gotta make it back!
Track Name: I Love Punk I Love Thrash
i love punk i love thrash
stick that lame shit up your ass
no borders to friends of fucked up sounds
a network that lasts through the trends
smell of booze in the air
laughter rings out everywhere
Track Name: Cold Sweat
what a fucking nightmare
i'm living in a cold sweat
never going to end
how fucked is this place?
how fucked up is this place?
a terrorist to intelligence
a terrorist to the brain
i think i'm going insane
Track Name: Dengue's Mosquito
pay attention when walk on the streets at night
the bastard dengue mosquito strike again
if this motherfucker bit you
fever, headache, pain in the body, bad stomach
i can't travel to see the gatinhas, i can't play
i just throw up and feel pain
mosquito filho da puta, motherfucker stupid disease
i have dengue i hate mosquitoes!
Track Name: Punk For Dummies
they're around for a year or two
and they'll tell you what to do
but soon enough they'll be gone
after all the "in it for life" songs
phony bullshit stance
sounds good to the crowd
no thought behind the words
young dumb and loud
Track Name: Easy Sell
tv constructs a view
visions of a simple black and white
looking for a scapegoat
bring on another disaster
propaganda has soaked your head
full of shit don't have a clue
easy answers to problems
so complicated you have no clue
Track Name: Ride With Me
don't bring your pinata head around
don't want to ride with me
your body will end up along some road in a ditch
someone nobody will miss
what a silly act you've got
an image with clothes you bought
can't enjoy a drink around you
Track Name: This Is Progress
nowhere to go where hillsides aren't torn in half
so another fucking walmart can be 5 miles closer than
the last
zoning and planning fucking this place to death
no one wants it here except business interests and
city officials
the people that live here want you fucking out of
their lives
Track Name: Glory Days
you washed up losers are good for a laugh
living in sports bars wishing you could still kick
some ass
glory days have long since passed
full of opinions no one wants to hear
still the same bore
you always were
Track Name: Martyr
love to hear yourself
but we don't give a shit
about your simple minded rhetoric
martyring bullshit wears thin
so high and mighty
your so fucking boring
Track Name: No More Favors
sure star wars sounds great
shoot those missiles down from outer space
yeah more cops is what we need
and let them do their job
great policies for me and you
i'm really glad they care so much about us
i'm blessed to have such wonderful leaders full of
great ideas
how about a moment of silence
Track Name: Not Smooth Jazz
smooth jazz puts me to sleep
same age but were years apart
you laughed at those
who are just like you now
not cool in this expensive drink scene
punk ain't cool at 30 anymore
gotta get a respectable job
have to settle down
Track Name: Outsider
mountain torn in half
farms razed for suburbs
escape routes widen
draining the land
the land developers know how
to pick a winner
the politicians know how
to pick a winner
kentucky grows uglier
by the day
they win
they win
Track Name: Drinking With Friends
no identity of your own
who are you when your
friends with everyone?
rather be drinking with friends
Track Name: Army of God
more idiotic rhetoric
pushing your shit on everyone around
your fanatical world view
makes me go mental
no life at all
just blindly follow
hate everyone not like you
too many dead cause of your fucked up views
army of god
kill em' all
Track Name: Sign Up
captain says i'm going far
war games get me hard
my country will be proud
of a man like me
didn't you see the ads
it's the skills i need
human target practice for fun
doesn't matter if i kill someone
i need an authority figure
i can't control myself
i need more rules to live by
i need a babysitter 24 hours a day
i could use some discipline
Track Name: When In Rome
keep the slogans coming
the air stinks like shit
from talking out your ass
build your throne on cliches fuckface
big talk, no substance, shallow
Track Name: Best Behavior
consume, your patriotic duty
how sick can you get?
so never mind what goes on
when this is a country at war
this is war buy some more
get in the way and you'll be next
has everyone bought into this?
just how mindless can it get
sales of flags up 1000%
just head to the mall
this is war buy some more
Track Name: Again And Again
construction all around
once green quickly turning brown
if this is bringing jobs
why not use all the empty
warehouses and factories
already in the city that the land was torn up for
just a few years ago
looks like giant shit piles all over the city
sitting vacant since they tore into the earth
several miles away for the same thing
quit fucking the land destruction on repeat