demo tapes

by Dead Fish



released January 1, 2006

Ficha tecnica | dead fish

Rodrigo: voz
Marcel: guitarra
Arroz: guitarra
Formiga/Tiago: baixo
Nô: bateria

Produzido por laja records sob licença de 3º mundo produções fonográficas e deck disk.

Faixas 1 a 8: demo #1 | 1993
Faixas 9 a 13: (re)progresso | 1994
Faixa 14: lp noise core 1992 (tarkus records)

Masterização: índio
Vídeos e digitalização: acervo pessoal (marcelinho)
Fotos:acervo pessoal (nô rodrigo, marcel, arroz e marcelinho)
Arte da capa: cabalindesign
11 | 8425.6284
Arte do multimídia: alexandre tatuzinho



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Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: Lost Soul
Why it have to be like that my world is lost
and I can't find it self. Patience is gone
from me right now and there's nobody else. My
soul is dead inside of me and there's no
other way I can be, the tension is complete
and I can't turn. I guess that my soul will
burn. I guess that my soul will run. My life
is so desperate and I can't control. No working
by myself I think I lost my soul. The
confusion of a man is like that be fucked up
again, when you think is all OK your soul is
gone deep away. All the scares in my face are
results of disgrace. When I try to make a
goal I just can't find I lost my soul.
Track Name: Yourownself
Don't you know that you are a man and
a man never become afraid because you
are strong and have some muscles you
don't need to listen knowledge and you
don't care about anything abd all your
fucking life is having fun might!
You'll die you are fucked don't you
know what I mean you are a mindless
beast reading fashion magazines right!
You might you got no feelings you think
in your own self all the weeks and all
days and the earth is only your country
and your flag is full of pride and the
land that you are living with a lie
some day you'll find out that all has
gone wrong and the bullshit that you're
living is gone away - five different
races around the world all of them are
full of pain and guy like this care
with the apparence imposed by society.
Track Name: Another beer
Standing on the sidewalk running out of
reality why is everybody looking at me
I want another beer belive me. Beer,
shaking my brain beer, out human race
beer, c'mon!!! In this fucking society
beer is a nececity to me. Junk! Punk!
They say i will but is not the way a
feel. Another beer.
Track Name: Social Agression
Its so hard to live nowaday's politi-
cians all in fake and shit all around
there's no reason to live now they spit
in your face and you cant make any move
the solution of this possession now is
social agression now a social agression
social agression the is no solution I
don't care about what you think now,
fuck you all. Now I know there I'm
fucked up again walking in this fucking
street with shit in my brain I don't
care about your reflexion the reason of
my life is social agression.
Track Name: The Ugly Face of Pain
The ugly face of pain has stucked me again I find myself bleeding I found
myself crying my slashed soul drop tears it all fuck of fear won't is my
believe destroying beliefs sorrow loneliness oppression why that's the ques-
tion I just wanna be free and give the old bad things that keeping happen-
ing to me until my dreams come true will turn me to another nightmare and
nobody really cares I fell the ugly face of pain but after there's no gain
just another tortuous day I wish I couldn't have another way my face is ugly
and sad my body is week and dead every time hard find back when I think on
my past I have my own living in hell inside of my heart are the devils
look at myself and see a sick old tree.
Track Name: Damn'n Lie
Thinking' and talking' asking a
question why people die? Nobody
tell me and omissions says what
can I do? Because of this shit
this world is sinking and sinking
on gray mire and the money sup-
port ignorance, alienation while
damn'lie. Damn' lie is a knife
fixed in your back. Damn'lie stu-
pid what can you do? Damn'lie
less conscience more money.
Damn'lie a race got fucked! The
stronger get money while destroy-
ing your people everybody like
soap operas on TV. Your son is
getting high with drugs and this
people support disease and
damn'lie. Damn'lie your mind is
deep in the dark and your people
now are fucking getting poor.
Damn'lie the stupid of this guys
don't see any limit - I think they
are blind destroying temselves!
Give me a reason why this global
situation the money is eating all
until your brain. Why people
don't open their eyes to see this
muthafucka damn'lie.
Track Name: Just Skate
A new skate session now you'll face it, this will be nice and more
than you need. No rules, no way, style in your tricks it's just
skateboard, go for it. My life is my skateboard, my style is my
skateboard, skateboard. Skate is over my god,
mom and dad, they don't understand
me and say move your ass. It's dis
crimination inside in their head
I think of my skateboard
and go ahead.
Track Name: Fight For Conscience
If you think that is all ok
around you around the world
you should better open a book
and study some real history.
But your mind smells like mud,
your brain in your knees, the
bad politition you voted last
year is fucking you fucking
gave him power. Conscience is
a virtude that everybody must
have but the estabilishment
don't want they prefer, empty
brains is a easiest to command
and lie everybody must fight
for conscience. Those false
culture veiculed by tv and
demagogical ideas are always
in the top in benefit of the
great minority cuz you can't
fucking stay against and in a
minute the government put you
in the wall with the police
you'll give it away. How can
this world became a machine of
brain wash etnical, racial
disturbs. Sometimes is hard
to understand that half of
world don't know how to read
and the rest is manipulate
by education.
Track Name: You Against
It Always have to be like that another
word negative, you always trying to be
higger than me. But now I know that was
attitude is pure fear of been denaied
but I don't mind this fucking shit dure
ho punk guy. It's always wrong, it's
always have to be, what I'm telling you
is just you against me. You always
right. My mind every day wake up ok,
but I don't Know if you even have one
cause this situation is not ok for you
image you could loose money, against a
stinking, fool not at the system guy. A
perfect world... drived by perfect
society... always trying to be upper me...
Track Name: Wrong
When you stay contrite praing for the gods, someone is talking
and trying to command your mind, and with the money of innocent
people benevolence, made a machine of illusion to command the
world (humanity) While you destroy yourself on this state of
mind, I'd like to tell you some truth (lie, shit, nothing) cause
there's no Budha, no Ala no Jesus Christ, to forgive what your
religion used to do. Centuries of war made in name of one god,
and millions of children are killed with out even know why. I
don't believe that this seet can put your life in peace, and if
you care, I don't mind if one day you gonna get rich, religion
never gave people better life, only work on his rule, and use
people, etniesand races to make money for his own.
Track Name: 3rd World Friendship
What's your conception what you call
a friend, sometimes is hard to know
it is real or it's a dream. And I
used to have this guys who were here
in my mind but for money shit they
must left the friendship away. They
used to be angry together, we use to
scream and fight now can you tell me
what's right, they used to be my
friend, we used to smile and fight,
now can you show me what's right I
thought I wasted time but now I know
you guys will be with me. The only
thing to fight is for position and
if you don't society will eat you,
These guys, you know, are gone'cuz
they don't want this fuckin'shit.
And now they clean the white feets
in a first world nation. They used
to be my friend we used to smile and
fight and I don't know what's
goin'on! I thought I wasted time. I
don't know I just tried but now I
know you guys will be with me.
Track Name: The Party
Come on everybody let's join the party they're killing
another brother, so let's go, maybe they'll let us see! How
fascinating scene where everything come out in a distorted
way. Come on let's go let's watch a new sacrifice, they
manipulate, I know what is better for me yeah, they don't
killed our bro it's just a movie scenary! Now I'm
fascinate, come on join us and celebrate the new order
(that you) now imposed. So now we just a little bit
concerned or just cry for a few? White they're killing
million and we can only see one or two. What's on tv?
Sometimes we do the same! Cause we have messias who only
says the truth and we don't wanna hear the voice of pervert
youth all these children needs a dosage of reality in our
institution to "learn" not speak nosense about our good
system, our community is tired of been defied by this dirty
punks. (They manipulate... now I'm fascinate...) is there any
answer for what they are doing we can't also assume but
sometimes we do the same... all we'll do is wait...