Comando Fantasma

by Drákula



released January 1, 2009

D. Wlado Gutierrez - baixo y vocal
Lord Ötto von Ürban - guitarra y vocal
Don Diego Buena Morte - guitarra y vocal
Lobizomem - bateria

Produzido por Maurício Cajueiro
Assistentes: Rogério "Mad Dog" e Petê
Fotos por Marino Prieto
Ilustrações Daniel Ete
Arte final: Artur Ramone

Todas as faixas compostas por Drákula exceto:
Engoo por Daniel Ete e Carlos Brando
Comando Fantasma por Drákula + Quique Brown e João Antonio

Convidados especiais
Angélica e Petê - voz em "O Segundo Lugar Não Significa Nada Para Mim"
Maestro Albano Sales - teremim em "Medo de Psiquiatra"
Quique Brown - voz em "Comando Fantasma"
Walkyria Lunettes - voz em "Aloha Hawaii Dreams"



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Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: Gorila Perez
He's gonna beat you
Gonna beat you bad

He's gonna blow
Gonna blow your mind

He's gonna crack
Gonna crack your head oh yeah

Go Gorila, go Gorila
Perez Gorila Perez
Go Gorila Go
Track Name: Bela Lugosi Is Back!!
I smell your blood
And fell your fear
Your death is sure
Your end is near

This time i won't change my mind
This time i won't care
This time i won't change my mind
This time you die... Lugosi is back
Track Name: Hangman Blues
Get me out of here
Sex, drugs and a beer
You don't understand
It's out of control

Spending time in the dark side

The only relief is the dope
You say they are crazy
It's just that this way
Life goes on
The hangman blues!
Track Name: Medo de Psiquiatra
Atada a uma maca, medo de psiquiatra
Jogado numa cela, forrada de borracha
Coma induzido de insulina
E medo de psiquiatra
A dor e a desgraça
Track Name: Comando Fantasma
Caveira maldita
Caveira rock 'n' roll
Cuidado menina
Que a monga tá sabendo
Track Name: Aloha Hawaii Dreams
The party is over, she doesn't know
She only leaves, when door is closed
She wants more, so more and more
Just like the night before

In her dreams she's going to Hawaii
The party is on and she dances all night

The boys are hot, because she's back
She drinks from, the bottle neck
She lives today, like no tomorrow
And really dances far from sorrow

Her skin scent roses
And through her lips inferno's close
Get your hands in the air
She always says
The party starts now