Can't Remember At All

by Evil Idols



released January 1, 2006

TOCHA - guitar/vocals
XANDÃO - bass
LUCAS - drums
SAD - guitar/vocals

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Recorded and mixed in november 2005 at Estúdio SOLO - Curitiba/PR.
Mastered by Marcelo Indio at Estudio Dourados - Vila Velha/ES.

Cover art by DANIEL "Muzza" ETÊ
Stupid graphic design by FELIPE SAD




all rights reserved


Läjä Rex Vila Velha, Brazil

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Track Name: Speed Up
I'm fucking sick of this fuckin city
All I need is to hit the road
Find some place between here and nowhere
Find some chicks, find some dope

All I have is this bust down car
And my will to find a different bar

Go! Speed up, speed up to the next hangover
So, gonna kill myself till hell freezes over
Track Name: Blood & Gunpowder
What snapps my balls are those shopping kids,
"Mum, me wants my milk", radical wannabes
But when it all becomes suffer and pain
Well, no one will listen you complain

This time your mamma won't hear you cry
This time your mamma won't hear you cry

"Destroy the system; let's go break all the rules",
"I'm not gonna do what you tell me to"
But when the whole world is going insane
No, no one will hear you complain

This time your mamma won't hear you cry
But when your mamma don't hear you cry

When everything becomes blood and gunpowder,
Only sulphur, tears and creak of teeth...
No one listens if you're going insane
No one will listen if you're going insane
Track Name: My Way To Lose
Bad Bad Bad sadie go!
I have a plan inside my brain
I know just what to do
There's this town out there, I know for sure
That's where I'm going to,
I'm on my way to LOSE!

Won't waste more time in stupid jobs
Won't waste more time with alarm clocks
Won't waste my life worried 'bout anything
All I'll waste is my liver
All I'll waste is myself

on my way to LOSE!
That's my way to LOSE!

Once upon a time I would be rich
Once upon a time I would be cool
But life keeps pulling me back behind
Are you still this drunk ass motherfucker?
Well, this place is for you!
Track Name: Wanna Be Your Man
You don't get it, you don't get it
Don't need to show up at the gig tonight
I'm never waiting anybody else
It's only you cute girl, just stay around

You can't stand it, you can't stand it
I'm drying bottles but I'm still alright
I never wanted anyone around
But please, please, please, please
Let me get into your bounds

I wanna be your man
Just wanna be your man
Track Name: Spiderwebs In My Pocket
You know I'm getting used to be alone and broke
You thought I was the guy for you?
You pretty honey is this a joke?

I got spiderwebs in my pocket
I got spiderwebs in my heart

I can't buy you that fur coat
I can't buy you girl that ring
But if you want me we can have some fun
On my baby, that's a sure thing

Don't you ever say that you'd run away with me?
But I'm a fucked up reckless and future is a mistery
Track Name: Could't Be Better
You could go to Linos,
You could go to James
You could go to Chinaski,
Anywhere, anyway

You could go down to the basement,
Could sit at Durva's sidewalk
Could hang around at 15th,
anywhere to drink and talk

But I'm saying here,
So you're staying here
With me and my saying,
"It couldn't be better"

I could send you to Iraq,
or to Afeghanistan
You could have gone to Cambodia,
Oh! So much fun
Track Name: Let's Dance
So you wanna dance
Hey, you wanna dance
Just pack your stuff, leave all behind

So you wanna dance
Hey, you wanna dance
Get ready to shake your hips tonight

I'll pick you at your front door
I'll take you to the dance floor
Hey, don't be scared
I just can't wait

Said you wanted to dance
Hell, you wanna dance
Get in the club, I'll treat you kind

Don't you wanna dance?
Fuck! I wanna dance!
Don't pretend that you don't want it!

I'll take you by the hand
Just TAKE IT, I'm a friend
Hey don't be scared
I just can't wait... to dance!

No need to cry, girl! Let's dance, let's dance!
I don't want you crying! Let's dance, Let's dance!
Just stop this crying! Let's dance, let's dance!
Don't want to make you cry, girl!
Let's dance, let's dance! YEAH!
Track Name: If I Can't Remember, I Haven't Done
Last night something went wrong
I don't wanna know, I don't wanna
Last night we've got too much drunk
I don't wanna know, I don't wanna

Last night you had lots of fun
I don't wanna know, I don't wanna
Last night I did what I shouldn't have done
I don't wanna know, I don't wanna

I can't tell what happened last night
But if I can't remember I haven't done
Track Name: Tonight
You'll say I tell you lots of lies,
Complain that I don't treat you right
Oh switch the tape!

"I hate you this,
I hate you that
I hate it all, you're mean!"

I don't get why all this hate
I've never made you promises
You go "uah uah uah uah"
And I don't understand

This ain't going anywhere
Yeah, this story was born dead
Never seen the light,
But let's enjoy this night
You'll feel alright!
Track Name: Last Bottle's Drop
Everyone got so hight
Yet, it's almost midnight
And here I am laid on the floor

I was so cold inside
Almost freezing inside
But I'll never feel like that, no more

Picked up among others
Cheering up with my brothers
Still waiting inside of that door

Felt her hands on my body
Warm me up, little darling
But the drunk fool's queen
is not there anymore

I was left in the bottom
Left so damn hot
Last bottle's drop

I was wasted again

See the rising sun
Wasting me away
Track Name: Love To Hate
I get the road and all I know I leave behind
But other problems just come up when I arrive
Well, that's not right

Turn on the amps, I'm filled with hate, it makes it fine
But the next morning's bitter taste only reminds me
I'm not alright

Burn, burn, burn, burns inside of me
Burn, burn, burn, always' been my fate
Burn, burn, burn, kinda love to hate
Burn, burn, burn, kinda love to hate
Track Name: Suicide In A Bottle
I can't find a bullet
I don't have a rope to hang me up
Cut the wrists only causes pain
I got to be insane

The gas stove is broken
Second floor is not high enough
No pills to burn my brains
So I'll shoot alcohol in my veins

Suicide in a bottle
Fill me up, Fill me up
Suicide in a bottle
Fill me up until I'm dead